How Much Is a Old Quaker Whiskey Bottle Worth?


As of 2012, an old Quaker whiskey bottle was retailing at approximately 9.30 pounds.An Old Quaker whiskey bottle is a collectible and it is shipped in various locations such as Pennsylvania and the United States.
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15$ to 20$.
1. Browse through antique stores. Just because it is an antique store doesn't mean that all of the items are expensive. Look for vintage whiskey bottles placed on shelves or inside
As long as you store it out of direct sunlight and vertically, basically forever. There will however be subtle changes in taste over the years due to evaporation and deterioration
Whiskey bottles come in many sizes, such as, 50 ml, 350 ml and 750 ml. Ardbeg Mor
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The value of an old Quaker whiskey bottle ranges from $15 to $40. This spirit was made between 1930-1960 and the bottles are so valuable to glass and antique collectors
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