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If you are using Old Spice roll-on deodorant, remove the cap from the container, gently roll the ball until the deodorant is visible. Gently roll the ball over the area of your underarms,ensuring proper coverage. If you are using solid stick deodrant, then open the container, twist or click the dial located on the bottom until the material is slightly over the edge of the container. Swipe you arm pit area on each side two or three times for adequate coverage.
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1. Take a thorough shower. Old Spice deodorant works by targeting the bacteria that eat dead skin cells. The gas released by the bacteria is what gives stinky people their bad stench
The Shulton Company, original producer of Old Spice, was founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz. The first Old Spice product was a fragrance called. Early American Old Spice
Old Spice Deodorant's slogan is, "The mark of a man. Men can fight armpit odor
Axe was the leader. However, according to what has been published in the past few months, while these aren't specific numbers (the only easy stats to find are tied to body wash, not
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The best smelling deodorants for men is open to interpretation. OldSpice, SpeedStick, Suave, and the latter are all known for their scent and difference in strength ...
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