Old Wives Tales?


The term 'old wives tales' refers to stated lessons that have been passed along from one generation to the next. They are not always true.
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Generally, "old wives tales" refer to sayings, practices or stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes these practices are superstitious
1. Reason your way through things. Nature has handled plenty of births and your child will arrive when it's good and ready. Keep in mind that only 5 percent of babies are delivered
n. A superstitious belief or story belonging to traditional folklore.
In Ireland, at least, that the fairies will come to take away innocent babies and replace them with fairy children, like cuckoos do with other birds' eggs. The fairy children will
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Some of the old wives tales include 'Linea Nigra', 'The Draino Thingo' and 'Is Your Skin Dry or Soft'. You can get a list of these tales by visiting Belly belly ...
One of the most popular old wives tales for being pregnant is if the mother has heartburn the baby will be born with a full head of hair. Another is if the mother ...
An itchy nose is symbolic of, in one of the old wives' tales, a fool is about to kiss you. There are many old wives' tales such as if your right ear itches something ...
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