What are the pros and cons of oligarchy?


There are a few pros and cons of oligarchy. One pro is that a person's status is not based on their royal ancestry. However, oligarchy is a small corrupt group whose members make unfair decisions to maintain their positions, which is a con.
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Pros: Decisions are made more quickly, because there is no need for the people or representatives to vote. Oligarchs have better leadership, and have the ability to make better decisions
An advantage of an oligarchy is that the nation would be capable of making
Oligarchy means ruled by the few, as opposed to democracy, which is ruled by the people, and autocracy, ruled by one. Usually an Oligarchy is ruled by a privileged or wealthy group.
Another way to put this would be advantage and disadvantage. A pro would be a good reason to make a certain decision and a con would be a bad reason to make a certain decision.
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