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The Olympic rings are shown on the Olympic flag. This flag is displayed by the host city. It is passed from the mayor of the host city to the mayor of the next host city. The flag is white and consists of five rings. These rings represent the five inhabited continents. The Americas are considered one continent. The Olympic torch is used for ceremonial purposes. The torch is lit at the ruins of the Temple of Hera to emphasize the connection between the ancient games and the modern games. Runners carry the torch to the site of the games. On the day of the Opening Ceremonies, the torch is used to light a cauldron. A final torch is extinguished at the closing ceremony.
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The 5 Olympic rings stand for each of the 5 continents involved in the games; America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.
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The Olympic torch is traditionally carried relay-style from Greece to the country hosting the Olympics. This tradition was starting in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
1. Light the Olympic torch using a parabolic mirror to capture the sun's rays, igniting the gas cartridge inside. 2. Light a backup torch in case the original torch goes out. This
A ceremony is held at Olympia before the beginning of the modern games and the flame is rekindled there. They use a parabolic mirror. This is a curved mirror that is aimed towards
Well, the torch is must less than a symbol than the flame that it holds. Back in the day, when Ancient Greece held the Olympics - there a sacred flame was lit from the sun’s
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