Om Sai RAM?


The phrase 'om sai ram' is an Indian phrase that is typically associated with a well-known and revered spiritual guru and yogi named sai Baba, who leads meditation and worship among his followers. It might be a Hindi phrase, and the greeting may refer a welcoming, the universe and god.
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Its a religious greeting and i strongly think its linked with the popular Religious Guru from India, Sai Baba.
LESSONS FROM GOD : Mantras : OM SAI RAMA :. Discourse by Sathya Sai Baba.. If you want you can consider doing this POWERFUL HEALING : Mantra. Mantras are sacred words of Power which
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'Om Sai Ram' is a phrase that means the remembrance of the one God that is the other person and ourselves. It originates from the Hindu community. The word 'Sai' ...
Om is very important in Hinduism, since it is a very powerful word that energizes a person who chants it while meditating. When you say Om you could feel your ...
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