What omnivores are in the arctic tundra?


Omnivores are animals that eat plants or other animals. Omnivores that are found in the arctic tundra are grizzly bear, black bear, polar bear, arctic fox, arctic ground squirrel and a tundra vole.
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the brown bear is an omnivore that can live in tundra areas.
The cold, mossy tundra biome of the poles, for example, with its patchwork of
Arctic ground squirrels ( arctic tundra ) http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/arctic_g…. grizzly bear, http://www.nps.gov/dena/naturescience/gr…. rock ptarmigan, http://
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Omnivores of the Tundra
The tundra circumnavigates the North Pole and includes northern parts of Canada and the state of Alaska. It is a cold and barren wasteland that supports very little vegetation, as the ground is permanently frozen under the soil layer. Shrubs, lichens,... More »
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The arctic tundra biome supports a food chain that begins with plants as primary producers at the bottom. Herbivores consume the plants; and, primary small omnivores ...
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