On "Penguin," which game do you get the most money in?


Play Puffle Round Up in the Pet Shop for easy money. The key is to work as quickly as possible, since your coins are calculated by the number of puffles you catch times the amount left on the timer. Herd all the puffles together before attempting to put them in the pen, paying special attention to the purple, black and red puffles, which are the fastest.Make pizza and earn a lot of coins with the Pizzatron 3000. This games takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it there is not an easier way to make money on Club Penguin. A perfect game nets 1,085 coins, so if you can play ten perfect games in an hour, you'd have over 10,000 coins.The game t that makes you most money on club penguin is aqua grabber when you find the big pearl you get 300 coins when you get the diamond of the crab but you have to be a member you get 600 coins.
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