What are the one for all universal remote codes?


One for all universal remote codes are all different depending on the remote. Also, different electronics will require a different code. A universal remote is highly helpful when it comes to using one single remote for multiple things. It can help to create peace and fluidity. A one for all remote can be used for a stereo, a computer, a television, and much more. A one for all remote can be purchased at just about any store that sells electronics.
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1. Look up your product code in the universal remote's provided programming guide. 2. Power on the device you want to program manually. 3. Push down and hold the "Code Search
One for all universal remotes have two models. The W-URC3110
1 Find the model number of your device (maybe found on back panel of device). Remove the battery cover on the back, and look for the model number: RCR412S, for example. Ad 2 Navigate
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