One Pound of Powdered Sugar Equals How Many Cups?


How many cups of powdered sugar equals a pound varies depending on the sugar's volume and density. If sugar is unsifted, three and a half cups equal to one pound. If the sugar is sifted, then four cups are equal to one pound.
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1 pound of powdered sugar is a little more than 3-3/4 cups. (3.78 cups)
There can range from 3 1/2 to 4 cups of powered sugar
To figure out how many cups equal one pound it would depend on what is in the cup. It would take a lot more cups of flour to equal a pound than something like nuts or a heavy olive
3 1/2 cups if you do not sift the sugar. 4 if you do. if you are making frosting, i would suggest that you do sift it bc if you dont and have a lot of chunks of sugar, you frosting
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