One Pound of Powdered Sugar Equals How Many Cups?


How many cups of powdered sugar equals a pound varies depending on the sugar's volume and density. If sugar is unsifted, three and a half cups equal to one pound. If the sugar is sifted, then four cups are equal to one pound.
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1 pound of powdered sugar is a little more than 3-3/4 cups. (3.78 cups)
2 cups of powdered sugar would equal 1 pound in dry weight. Is there
1. Multiply the number of pounds of sugar the recipe calls for by 3.75 to find out how many cups of sifted powdered sugar you need. 2. Set the appropriate measuring cup in a large
3 1/2 cups if you do not sift the sugar. 4 if you do. if you are making frosting, i would suggest that you do sift it bc if you dont and have a lot of chunks of sugar, you frosting
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There are 3.75 cups in one pound of powdered sugar. According to the package label, one serving equals 1/4 cup of powdered sugar. One pound contains 15 servings, ...
The number of cups in a box of powdered sugar depend on the size of the box. An average size box will will have one pound of powdered sugar. This will translate ...
How many cups of sugar are in a pound depends on the kind of sugar. One pound of granulated sugar equals 2 1/4 cups while one pound of powdered sugar equals 3 ...
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