One Toke over the Line Meaning?


One Toke Over the Line is a Folk song by Brewer and Shipley. One Toke Over the Line is a song about drugs, especially marijuana. The words 'one toke' mean a puff of the drug, marijuana and the phrase 'over the line' means too much. The song was written by the artists while they were high on marijuana and puts an emphasis on how too much of something can be bad for you, even if it is deemed to be a good thing. The song was written while the two artists were just messing around and it ended up becoming their only hit.
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It refers to the point of no return when someone is getting
From the old Song , GF. About a toke of Pot . Those Hippy Days ~ lol. Did you take one toke .OVER ? *winks * I did ~ smiles. D :
This song is about drugs,especially marijuana A "Toke" is a puff from a marijuana cigarette or pipe.
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