What is a good one-year anniversary gift for my boyfriend?


Buying a gift for a boyfriend can be difficult. Most men don't want sentimental things, but it is nice to get something that he'll enjoy and is meaningful to your one-year milestone.

A great way to get ideas for that special guy in your life is to use the gifts.com Personality Profiler. By answering a few multiple choice questions about him, you can get ideas about gifts that he'll love and that you'll feel good about getting for him. Make a new memory with your boyfriend by commemorating your one-year anniversary with an exciting experience that you can share together. If he's a food lover, consider a gift for a food of the month club. If he loves adventure, take him on a romantic hot air balloon ride or explore a new place you've never been. And, just remember, if it comes from the heart, he's sure to love whatever you have to give.
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1. MAKE A MEMORY - The most important thing to remember in choosing an anniversary gift is that you want to make a memory. You want your one year anniversary gift to be romantic and
The traditional anniversary gifts for each year are paper, cotton then leather. The fourth year you can do fruit or flowers and wood for the fifth year. For a list of years beyond
An inexpensive gift for your boyfriend on your one year anniversary could be a nice pen and pencil set. The first marriage anniversary is paper. If you take a hint from that, you
You could get your boyfriend a personalized Lucky You
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One Year Anniversary Gifts For a Boyfriend
Celebrate being together with your boyfriend for a year by making or buying him the perfect gift to tell him how much you love being with him. It can be difficult to come up with a gift that you know he will love; take into account his personality, his... More »
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