Online Doctor Free Medical Advice?


One can ask a doctor for free medical advice online by visiting the website On visiting the website start by entering your age and sex then select the area of the body you want to know about. The checker on this website will ask more questions if needed and then will give you a list of what could be wrong with you.
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1. Study your question as thoroughly as possible so that you understand its implications. Be sure you are using appropriate terminology, because doctors are not going to devote a
You may post a question, under the category "health" as you have done here, and a doctor may just answer it, for free.
It is definitely annoying, especially when the friend says it will "only take a minute" (a half hour is more likely - and they know it); even more so when they ask for advice
1. Check out webmd. com and use their handy symptom checker. 2. Enter your gender and your age group. 3. Select the area of your body that hurts. 4. Choose your symptoms from a list
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