How Do You Open a Desk Drawer That Has Something Jamming It?


A desk drawer that has something jamming it can be opened by yanking on it or using brute force, especially if its humidity is causing the drawer to stick. A jammed drawer can also be opened by putting a knife between the drawer and the cabinet on the underside of the drawer and trying to lift and wiggle the drawer back onto its track.
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How about just bust the drawer free! works for me I just yank it and shake it around. Don't try sticking things in there or it might get stuck too but next time just arrange your
crawl through the other side, grab the door handle and take your foot and kick the door open.
1. Unbend a paper clip with your hands until it is straight. 2. Take one metal clip off of a binder holder. Binder holders are usually black and have two metal clips on top that you
1. Place your knee three quarters of the way to the opening side. Press hard. Ad. 2. Open the lock with the combination. 3. Pull the latch up and release your knee. The locker will
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