Open Casket Funerals?


Caskets are left open at funerals because for one to see the person one last time before they are buried. This depends on the person running the funeral and it is the last chance to speak to that body before the body is made unavailable. This is sometimes done depending on certain religions, cultures, beliefs and what the deceased decided before his or her death.
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Answer Caskets are left open so you can see the person one last time before they are buried. Gradually it may look nasty but it is what they do.
1. Ask the funeral home for a price list for their caskets. This list will detail all of the caskets offered and their corresponding prices. It is important to ask for this information
I agree with David . and I really don't understand Open Casket Funerals . remember the person as they were when they were alive and bubbly and smiling, not what they look like in
When the casket is open at a funeral it is simply considered
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