Open Neutral?


Open Neutral is a term that is used in the field of electricity energy. It means a neutral wire that is disconnected from a source of electricity.
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If you notice that you have an outlet or perhaps a light switch that is not working, but other devices in the same room are, you may be dealing with an open neutral. In order to verify
Typical home wiring will have one hot wire, one neutral wire, and one ground wire per circuit. An open neutral would indicate that the neutral wire, usually white wire, is broken.
A Neutral opinion opener is used as a way to ask someone something. Not implying
In a three wire electrical service you have two hot wires and a neutral. If you measure the voltage between each hot wire and the neutral you get 120 volts each. If you measure between
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What Is an Open Neutral?
Electrical wiring can be very confusing, even to some electricians. Electricity is inherently dangerous; the more you understand the better prepared you can be. Open neutrals -- outlets with a disconnected neutral wire -- can be deadly if not understood.... More »
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