Opening Ceremony Speech?


An opening ceremony speech can differ depending on the occasion. A speech can be given at the Olympics, a company sponsored event, at a fundraiser, or church retreat. The opening speech can talk about the reason for the gathering, past accomplishment and what they hope to accomplish at the current get together. The speech may thank the sponsors of the event, introduce the guests, or be a little more in depth on what the event is all about.
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1. Write out the main points that are important to the speech. The type of speech will dictate some of the main points, such as praising a bride during a wedding speech or talking
Davis, Daniel Webster was the prominent black leader who delivered a speech at the opening ceremonies of the Cotton.
President: "The (meeting room, banquet hall, etc. will come to
Hugh Laurie is generally brilliant at this stuff. Here are a couple that I particularly like: Embed Quote
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