How do I get the "Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis" CD key?


The CD key to Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis is available with the purchase of the game. There are not any free keys available. If you have lost your key, contact the manufacturer of the game directly.
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BGEA CVPFK L3SMO GN1W6 RBL98. worked for me.
1 Have a LAW Launcher in firing mode. 2 When the tank is moving slow or getting close about 400m meters, aim with the four lines from the dot. 3 When you fire aim for the Turret.
everyone has moved on to ArmA 2 & ArmA 2 OA, no one plays OFP\ArmA: CWA any more.
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis - How Not to be Seen map is designed to be a comprehensible and high quality map on the basis of Monty Python's "How Not to be Seen"
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