Opossum Sounds?


Opossums make a clicking noise that is described as a smack. If babies are in distress, or threatened and mom is not around, they will make a hissing or sneezing noise. There are 103 species of marsupials with the opossum being the largest group. The term opossum dates back to 1610 and the name was taken from the Virginia Algonquian and means white beast or animal. They can be as small as a mouse or larger than a cat. They have long snouts, a great immune system, and have a short gestation period of 12 to 14 days.
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Here is a page with wav files of racoon and skunk sounds. I know a baby skunk crawled onto my windowsill one night when I was young and I heard a tiny mewing sound like a kitten.
Opossums make few sounds. You may hear a choo choo or a sneezing sound. These are sounds made by the young when separated from the mother. The mother will make clicking sounds with
They are pretty quiet animals, but I did trap some using a live trap, then I set them free miles from my house. The problems with this though are you have to be within earshot of
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A Possum is a medium-sized arboreal that are found in the Australia. They are named so because they resemble the opossums of the America. They are of two species ...
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