What is the opposite of "calm"?


The most prevalent term that means the opposite of "calm" is "agitated." Some resources list a larger selection of words that can also mean the opposite of "calm."

A number of words can actually be a suitable choice for an antonym of "calm." Some of the more commonly used words are "excited," "angry," "wild," "passionate," "turbulent" and "nervous." Depending on a situation, others may use the words "violent," "stormy," "ruffled," "frenzied," "rough" or "harsh." Typically, any word that refers to a state of being that is not stationary can be a viable term to consider as the opposite of "calm."

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stressed, rough.
Antonyms of "calm" are: excited, fierce, frenzied, rough, stormy, turbulent, violent,
worried. panicked. shocked. enraged. angered. ticked off. livid. horrified. excited. elated. spastic. frenzied. keyed up. crazed. crazy.
Considering this is the psychology section, the following are probably what you want. agitated aroused, emotional, excited, worked up distraught, overwrought jolted, shaken feverish
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