Opposite of Subordinate?


The definition of subordinate means lesser or supplementary. Used in a sentence, 'The man pitted the two subordinate men against each other to eliminate any further power struggles.' The opposite or antonyms of subordinate are chief, important, major, necessary, superior, and vital. Examples of the opposites of subordinate used in sentences would be, 'The chief told the men to put all the gear away properly this time,' 'Jim finds it necessary to rule the roost,' and 'Our superior told his subordinates that they had to get the project done quickly.'
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The opposite of subordinate (secondary) could be primary, main, predominant, or major. The opposite of subordinate (in authority) could be superior, senior, or ranking. The opposite
It's not a commonly used word, but "superordinate" is the opposite of subordinate. It literally means "of
Insubordinate is the opposite of subordinate and is being disobedient to
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