Where can I find oral surgeons that accept Medicaid?


To find an oral surgeon that accepts Medicaid, it would be best to contact Medicaid. They have a list of providers and would be able to help a person looking. The system provides care throughout the country.
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Contact the Suffolk County medical society.
Call the number on your insurance card or get the number for your health care plan. Ask them if they cover gastric bypass. If they do, they should be able to give you a list of doctors
You need a orthepedic surgeon that does that spesific surgery you might have to go to your main pcp dr and get a apeal for that surgeon in case you need one so thats where you start
Yes they do pay for it but your problem and it is a common problem in every state is finding a surgeon who will accept Medicaid for this procedure. If you pay for it, Medicaid will
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