Orange Nasal Mucus?


Orange nasal mucus can be an indication that you have a serious sinus infection. If you are coughing up orange or burnt orange colored mucus or phlegm, it can be a sign that you are suffering from pneumonia. If you suspect that you have either a sinus infection, or pneumonia which can cause a shortness of breath, you should see your doctor. Pneumonia can be serious if you are not treated in a timely manner.
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Any mucus color, other than clear, in an indication of an infection.
The body produces mucus as a natural defense against irritants and bacteria that are in the air or your body. Mucus naturally forms in the sinuses, nose, throat and lungs. Excess
For instance, nasal mucus traps dust and any allergens preventing it from
Go to the pharmacy and get some generic normal saline nasal spray and use it as much as you need to. Think about also purchasing a Netti Pot. It will keep your nasal passages clear.
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Orange nasal mucus is fairly uncommon and is usually caused by a severe infection. It could be caused by pneumonia or a sinus infection that has become very serious. Pneumonia is a respiratory infection in the lungs that can cause trouble breathing, wheezing, and a severe cough. Initially, the mucus is yellow, off white, or sometimes brown, and occasionally is tinged with blood. The mucus will only turn orange when the infection has been allowed to grow for a long period without treatment.
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