Orbis Unum?


Orbis Unum is a phrase that has been made popular by the 2005 movie, The Legend of Zorro. Obris Unum is the saying used by the federal order referred to as Knights of Aragorn, a secret society that is much like the Knights Templar. The Aragorns are the dominating power in the movie, and with their power threatened try to cause chaos to keep control. Orbis Unum is a Latin phrase that means one world.
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EditHistoryDelete Orbis unum, Latin for one world, is the logo for the Knights of Aragorn, a secret society much like the Knights Templar, that supposedly became very powerful in
Orbis Unum is a secret society whose members are all descendants of
Hi! "orbis unum" means "one world". Thanks for asking ChaCha, ChaCh...
"Orbis unum" means "one world" In "Legend of Zorro" it's the name of the Knights of
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