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Proper orchids care is important for your flowers. Do not over water your orchids or this will kill them. For orchids that are kept inside you should water them only every 5 to 12 days. Use orchid plant food and follow the directions on the label on how to properly use it. Orchids need to be fed if you want them to grow properly. If your orchid is not blooming, this means it is not getting enough sunlight. Move it to an area where there is more sun and it should bloom for you.
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1. Position your orchid in front of a window covered with sheer curtains. Orchids love sun, but direct sunlight can burn them and too little sunlight stops them from flowering. 2.
1. Place orchids near a window that faces east, if possible. Otherwise, try a window that faces west or south. Most orchids prefer direct light, but unlike many other plants that
The most important things to remember are use Orchid potting soil o...
The same way you care for any other phalaenopsis. Water from the bottom when it gets dry at least an inch from the to of the medium, fertilize lightly with an orchid fertilizer once
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Guide to Growing & Caring for Orchids
An orchid is a tropical plant native to humid rain forest environments. It is possible to grow orchids outdoors in hot and humid climates, but the plant is very vulnerable to cold temperatures.... More »
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Orchids generally need minimal pruning. However, if the blooms on the orchids do not look as if they will bloom again, or they have died, then they should be trimmed ...
There are several things that you need to know about orchid care and maintenance. Some of these include; they require light; thus, they should be planted in a ...
After blooms fade, an orchid is still capable of producing beautiful flowers once or twice a year. Though it may appear to be barren, the proper care can ensure ...
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