How do you care for orchids?


Orchids need six things to bloom properly: light, water, fertilizer, air movement, humidity and proper temperatures. Orchids are not difficult plants, and will grow, thrive and bloom with these basic tips for proper orchid care.

Orchids require bright light, but avoid placing them in direct sunlight. Water orchids once or twice a week. They prefer more water when the temperature is warm and less water when the temperature is cool. Make sure the pot holding the orchid has holes in the bottom for the water to drain out of. Never leave an orchid sitting in water. Fertilize the orchid as it is growing to provide proper nutrients to the growing plant. Provide gentle air circulation for the plant. Many orchids do not thrive in very dry environments. Provide some humidity for the plant to encourage growth. Proper temperatures are vital for a growing orchid. Daytime temperatures should range between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Night time temperatures should be a few degrees lower than the daytime temperature. Some types of orchids require different light levels and different temperature levels. The instructions here are for basic orchid care. Identifying the specific type of orchid helps tailor the care required to the maintain it.

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1. Be aware of the orchid's natural habitat. The most common tropical orchids are the Dendrobiums (about 1,200 species) Vandas (about 50 species) Cattleyas (more than 40 species)
Light-your orchid needs the right amount of light. It is essential when taking care of orchids. Too little will stunt growth and cause other health problems. Too much mainly causing
1. Choose the right kind of orchid. There are lots of different types of orchids, which makes choosing one dependent on the type of environment you can offer them. Things like the
The most important things to remember are use Orchid potting soil o...
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Guide to Growing & Caring for Orchids
An orchid is a tropical plant native to humid rain forest environments. It is possible to grow orchids outdoors in hot and humid climates, but the plant is very vulnerable to cold temperatures.... More »
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