What is the order of the Eve Duncan series?


The Eve Duncan book series is written by Iris Johnson. The books in order are The Face of Deception, The Killing Game, The Search, Body of Lies, Dead Aim, Blind Alley, Countdown, Stalemate, Quicksand, Blood Game, Eight Days to Live, and Chasing the Night. Her books in the series all received at least 4 or more stars out of 5. The books are available online at stores like Amazon and vary in price from $0.01 and up.
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Iris Johansen has been writing Eve Duncan novels since 1998 when she released her first Eve Duncan novel, The Face of Deception. Since then she has written a total of eleven novels
The author of the Eve Duncan Forensics series is Iris Johansen. You
I think it is The Face of Deception.
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