Organic Hair Relaxers?


Organic hair relaxers are made with all organic material and no chemicals. Organic hair relaxers work just as well as regular relaxers. You can find organic hair relaxers for sale at Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Target, and in grocery stores. Many of the organic hair relaxers have a much more pleasant scent than relaxers with chemicals. Organic hair relaxers contain items like coconut oil, avocado oil, and caster oil. They also do not contain lye and often have an added conditioner for moisturizing.
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Garret Morgan invented the hair relaxer, he startedout with a fluid he applied to a dogs hair that straightened it and then invented the human haur sraightener which is now called
Someone once suggested stale beer instead of shampoo or conditioner and, although it sounds crazy, not washing your hair with detergent. Do not wash your hair until it becomes greasy
A hair relaxer is a type of chemical lotion or cream-often containing sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide-that works to straighten hair permanently. It is applied and allowed to
1 Start by basing your scalp with a light grease (pure extra virgin cooking olive oil from your local grocery store for best results). Separate and part each section of your hair
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Relaxed hair is hair that has been chemically treated. This is done to lessen the curls and to easily straighten the hair. Too much use of hair relaxer may lead ...
Hair relaxer is a type of cream or lotion that is used to make the hair less curly and easier to straighten. The active agent is mostly a strong alkali. Hair relaxing ...
Relaxing hair, the hair follicle is changed by application of an alkaline, usually a thioglycolate or lye. These products are available and are inexpensive.You ...
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