How do you make a checklist for organizing your home and house cleaning?


Start by writing down all of the housecleaning chores and items that need to be organized. Next, order the list according to priority. Once lists are properly ordered, determine a timeline for completion of each task. Clearly highlight dates on the timeline, in order to serve as visual reminders of what needs to be done. Check items off on the list as they are completed.

One can make lists for cleaning and organizing the home in a variety of ways. It is helpful to consider personal style when deciding on the best way to make household chore lists. Home Storage Solutions 101 suggests that printables and checklists are great ways to keep on track in terms of home organizing. They go on to say that it's a good idea to keep a personalized binder with a variety of family checklists.

The binder acts as central Master List to which family members can refer on an ongoing basis. Lists such as weekly cleaning chores, household projects, school routines and activity schedules are just a few of the categories the binder can be used to track. The website also has a database of form, list and calendar templates which can be printed out and used as-is or modified to suit specific household needs.

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1. Print out a checklist from the Internet, if you don't want to write one out yourself. Find house cleaning checklists at a professional cleaner's website such as
1. Do the dishes. Start with the kitchen. Put away the dishes and wipe down the counter. Label and organize spices. Organize the pantry. Now go through your fridge. Check the expiry
MoneySavingMom is one avenue to download a house cleaning checklist and offers a 2-hour free house cleaning checklist as a PDF file. TidyMom, in contrast, has available a download
Making a weekly checklist for house cleaning is one way to keep organized and to ensure you don't forget to get anything done. Determine your work style and balance out all the things
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How to Organize a Home House Cleaning Checklist
Devoting attention to a home cleaning project may require a checklist to keep your chores organized. This list will help you manage your time so you can accomplish all of this cleaning without having to wait another day.... More »
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