Organo Gold Coffee?


Organo Gold is a coffee made from a Chinese fungus called Ganoderma. What the official Organo Gold website claims regarding health benefits, has not been proven. Many enjoy this coffee as a smoother alternative to regular blends.
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Herbalife Tea! Why? Because it boost up your metabolism, helps you burn fat plus it prevents cancer.
There are many syrups you can mix however I prefer to use the Cold Dairy Creamers like International Delight Creamers : they have Caramel , Vanilla, Almond Toffee and even a Cinnamon
Organo Gold is a company that is working to improve peoples health, wealth & balance
1. Rinse your gold coffee filter after every pot of coffee. Dump out as many grounds as you can, then run the filter under hot running water until all the grounds are rinsed off the
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