Organs in the Right Hypochondriac Region?


There are a few different organs in the right hypochondriac region, including the liver. A couple other organs in the right hypochondriac region would be the gall bladder and the right kidney.
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the liver and gallbladder
The Lumbar region of the body is another name for the Abdomen. It is called the lumbar region because of the region of the spine which supports it. The organs unique to the right
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There are nine abdominal regions in the human body. Each abdominal region contains its organs. The abdominal regions are: the Right Hypochondriac, Left Hypochondriac ...
the spleen is in the left hypochondriac region. ...
The body organs that are on the left hypochondriac region are liver, left kidney, spleen, parts of the large and small intestine and pancreas (tail of). The hypochondriac ...
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