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Oriental cuisine is food from China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and other oriental countries. In the United States, oriental cuisine consists of Chinese, Japanese and Thai food restaurants that are typically owned and operated by people who are native to the country the food is from. Some of the best oriental restaurants serve authentic dishes that have not been altered to American styles. Oriental cuisine is popular for take-out for a quick meal. Popular oriental dishes include sushi, miso soup, pad Thai, and General Tso's chicken.
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What Is Oriental Cuisine?
Oriental cuisine can actually refer to very different styles of Asian cooking depending on the nation or area. The Oriental section of Asia covers a huge chunk of eastern Asia known as the Far East, and thus encompasses a wide range of culinary... More »
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The geography of the area that makes up "the Orient" stretches from east Siberia south all the way to Indonesia and includes Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and
Cantonese style is most popular. Popular dishes include: Fried Rice. Egg Rolls. Wonton Soup. Spicy Seafood. e.g: Prawn, fish, crab. For more: Check this out http://bit.ly/12HEhli.
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