Origami Folding Instructions?


You can find instructions on how to fold origami in arts and crafts books, online, and in origami books. Some designs are fairly easy while others are more complex. You can also buy paper specifically for origami.
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You could go to http://dev.origami.com/diagram.cfm if you want.
1. Lay your paper flat with the patterned side down. Arrange the paper so that it is oriented as a diamond. 2. Bring the top corner down to meet the bottom corner so that if forms
The problem of generating a folding sequence for a desired shape has many non-obvious parameters. Asking for such an algorithm is like asking for an algorithm that gives instructions
1 You'll need a flat surface with plenty of space to move the paper around on. Also, find or cut to size a square piece of origami paper. Ad 2 Fold the square piece of paper diagonally
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