Origami Folding Instructions?


You can find instructions on how to fold origami in arts and crafts books, online, and in origami books. Some designs are fairly easy while others are more complex. You can also buy paper specifically for origami.
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You could go to http://dev.origami.com/diagram.cfm if you want.
1. If paper is colored on one side only, begin with the white side up. Fold paper in half and unfold. 2. Fold edges to the crease. 3. Fold two corners to the middle. 4. Fold paper
The problem of generating a folding sequence for a desired shape has many non-obvious parameters. Asking for such an algorithm is like asking for an algorithm that gives instructions
1. Choose what type of animal or object you wish to fold. Ad. 2. Find an article for your origami type. It will tell you what size paper is needed, rectangle or square paper, and
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There are many different types of origami flowers and they can all be simple to fold with a little practice. Here is a link to folding instructions: . ...
Start with a 6 inch x 6 inch four-sided origami broadsheet, color side down. Then fold paper on the horizontal slanting axis well. Fold both the right and left ...
An origami pyramid is a project you make by folding a single square of paper. It's easiest to learn how to make one by watching an instructional video, However ...
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