What is the origin of the phrase "whatever floats your boat"?


The origin of the phrase "whatever floats your boat" is believed to be somewhere in America. The phrase is a modern expression that basically means do whatever you want.

It is no surprise that the origin of this phrase comes from America, dubbed the "land of the free." "Whatever floats your boat" is commonly used sarcastically and is sometimes used opposite of its real meaning. The phrase is also commonly used when trying to convince people that their actions are justified. Many people employ the use of the phrase to cheer someone up, as if telling them to do whatever floats their boat is interchangeable with telling them to do whatever makes them happy.

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http://www.phrases.org.uk/bulletin_board/30/messages/1665.html. The phrase "Whatever floats your boat" means "Whatever makes you happy" or "Whatever turns
Whatever floats your boat is a relatively modern expression
Whatever twist your tongue! Whatever makes you come! Whatever increases your trickle! Whatever rocks your world! Whatever strengthens your hands! Whatever soothes your soul. Whatever
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