What is the origin of the word "dilly-dally"?


The word or term dilly dally has its roots in the early 1700s. It most likely was first used as a play on the word dally, repeating the word's sounds to be playful or for emphasis.
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The word dilly dally appears to be a 20th century phrase and it means to
Dilly comes from the first syllable in delightful or delicious. Dally is derived from the French dalier, to chat. Basically, don't happily chatter away, time's of the essence.
Senior Moments is correct about the etymology of 'dillly-dally'. The phrase 'DON'T dilly-dally' is generally associate with the music-hall song 'Don't Dilly Dally On The Way', sung
Some one word synonyms for dilly dally are dawdle, delay, hesitate, linger,
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