What is an original sticker price?


The original sticker price is also known as the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). It is the price the manufacturer lists the car to be sold at without the addition of options that may already be in the vehicle. The MSRP of a vehicle is not always what the consumer pays. The MSRP can be reduced by dealer incentives and cash back offers. MSRP's of new vehicles are listed on manufacturer's websites and in the pre-printed window sticker of the car.
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I have a 96 ext. cab & Manufacturer's suggested retail price was 18,338.00.
1. Saturate a section of paper towel-equal to the size of the price sticker-with white vinegar. 2. Set the piece of paper towel over the price sticker glue. Let it sit in place for
The Comanche retails for $7,906 USD with a invoice
n. The list price for an automobile or other motor vehicle.
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