Osmosis Potato Lab?


Potatoes are a popular tool for demonstrating the principles of osmosis and diffusion. In a typical laboratory exercise, potatoes are cut into pieces, each of which is carefully weighed. The potato pieces are then immersed in solutions consisting of water only and solutions containing water and salt. Weighing the potato pieces after several days of immersion demonstrates that the potato pieces immersed in solutions containing salt lost weight and cellular turgor due to the migration of salt free water from within potato cells to the solutions with higher salt concentrations.
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Which osmosis potato lab? * Some general stuff you probably should have learned: OSMOSIS is the movement of WATER (and only water, never solutes) across a SEMI-PERMEABLE MEMBRANE
1. Peel the potatoes with a potato peeler by pressing the tool flush against the skin of the potato. Push downward to remove the potato skin. Continue until all the potato skins are
Because potato have water and potato go hard and soft. No, really. The texture of potatoes is usually pretty directly correlated with water content, meaning that it's easy to tell
To conduct an experiment with a potato to view osmosis,
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