Ottoman Empire in World War 1?


The Turkish Empire or Turkey was also called the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The Ottoman Empire lasted from July 27, 1299 till November 1, 1922. The monarchy was abolished in 1922.
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Mehmed IV was the leader of the Ottoman empire during world war 1
The interesting thing about World War 1 was
Hello there I am the surfer By ottoman turk´s own view the blame should be on european imperialism, and british and french foreign policy Ottoman Empire was gambling on their
Most of World War 1 was fought throughout Germany, South Africa, Somoa, and other countries throughout Europe. This was a nasty war as I guess war usually is. Hope this helps.
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Most of the land that made up the Ottoman Empire was divided up after World War I in the Treaty of Lausanne. There was one unresolved issue that the League of ...
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