Ouija Board Instructions?


The instructions for a Ouija board are simple. First remove the board from the box and lay it on a flat surface. Then pull out the triangle shaped piece and place on the center of the board. Have everyone place two fingers on the piece and ask your questions.
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Place the board upon the knees of two persons, lady and gentleman
To use a Ouija board you need to have each person place one or two fingers on the planchette. You ask the spirits questions and watch as they answer. Have one person that is there
A typical Ouija board is rectangular in shape and can be made of anything from thick cardboard (very common) to precious stones and even glass. Frequently, they are made of wood and
1 Determine whether your Ouija board was real, or a knock-off. Dollar stores sell knock-offs that may look real, but aren't. Ad 2 Obtain your Ouija board. 3 Open the package up. Fold
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1. Decide which person in the group will ask the first question. If everyone wants a chance to speak, begin with one person and go in a clockwise circle around ...
The Ouija board is also know as the talking board, or spirit board. Traditionally, Ouija boards are flat and are marked with the numbers 0 through 9, the alphabet ...
Ouija boards (pronounced wee-ja), also known as Talking Boards or Isis Boards, are one of the more popular occult practices of the modern day. Ouija boards are ...
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