How to Reset an Outdoor Lighting Timer?


In order to reset in outdoor lighting timer, you need to use the configuration buttons on said timer. In order to program your particular timer, you can check the manual. Alternatively, you could contact the manufacturer for help.
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1. Locate the switch that controls your outdoor lighting and turn it on. If there is more than one switch, turn them all on. Have someone go to the circuit breaker and start flipping
There are several places where one can purchase outdoor light timers from. Some of these places include hardware stores, such as Home Depot, Rona, or Canadian Tire. They can also
Those timer switches are hard to find, but they are quite simple. The directions on the boxes are easy to follow. Your problem may be the cover plate for both switches. Most of
Les, First thing to do is to change the battery and see if the timer will allow you to reprogram it. Sometimes these timers will fail, as some models have a known history of failing
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