What is a glacial outwash plain?


Outwash refers to the materials that have been carried away by melt-water from a glacier. This materials often form a glacial outwash plain which is a flat and gently sloping alluvial.
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As glaciers move across the land, debris is picked up, exposed to intense pressure for hundreds of miles and deposited in other areas. The heaviest of this fluvio-glacial sediment
Glacial outwash is the debris carried by meltwater streams from under the glacier. During the day, many streamlets enter the side of the glacier and form a glacial stream at its base
( ′au̇t′wäsh ′plān ) (geology) A broad, outspread flat or gently sloping alluvial deposit of outwash in front of or beyond the terminal moraine of
An outwash fan is a fan-shaped body of sediments deposited by braided streams from a
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Outwash plains are vast areas with glacial sediment deposits that occur due to melt water streams. These glacial sediments consist of sand, gravel and clay which ...
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