Ovalocytes are abnormal red blood cells. These red blood cells have pale centers and are oval in shape. Ovalocytes are sometimes found in people with hemolytic anemia, thalassemias and the hereditary type of elliptocytosis. 
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Elliptocyte, an elliptical erythrocyte.
Atypical lymphocytes - are caused by viral infections, may be noted in lymphocytic leukemia, and may be seen in allergies. Ovalocytes are typically seen in cases of low hemoglobin
It's nothing to worry about. If all the other blood work-up was within normal limits then it should be considered fine. I hope that this doesn't hurt your chances for work or for
ē-lip'tō-sīt An elliptic red blood corpuscle found normally in the lower vertebrates with the exception of Cyclostomata; in mammals it normally occurs only in camels,
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