How to Reuse Cabinets to Make Over-the-Toilet Storage?


There are many over the toilet storage space savers. Most toilet storage space savers come with at least 3 shelves and give the bathroom a more attractive look.
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Over the toilet storage can be incredibly important, especially if the person is working with a small bathroom. Small bathrooms need a bit of storage, or it just looks bland, and a person may not be interested in using it, for fear that it is not going to be as functional as it needs to be. Over the toilet storage can be in the form of a little shelf, or maybe even just a rack to hang towels on. A bag or bucket could also suffice.
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1. Hold the cabinet against the wall, above the toilet, where you plan to hang it. Place a level across the top of the cabinet to ensure it is sitting plumb. Have another person trace
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