How to Deal with an Overbearing Mother?


It can be difficult to deal with an overbearing mother in law. One way is to be nice and tolerate her when with her. Another way is to decrease time you spend with the in laws.
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1. Realize there are reasons why your mother is overbearing and that you won't ever be able to change her. The operative word in this eHow is "deal. 2. Work on establishing boundaries
Actually since its your husbands mother he should handle the problem, but since he is not doing so you may want to talk to her, tell her you really appreciated her help in the past
1 Understand the reason she is like that. Some are overbearing in a protective sense, and others are inclined to have controlling personalities. There are other reasons a mother can
Hi C., First of all, I want to say I thank God that I don't have a MIL like the ones I read below. She goes out of her way for me and my family. I know she thinks of me when she's
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Overbearing mothers are often referred to as helicopter mothers. They hover over their children in an effort to protect them from everything bad in life. Talking ...
A mother in law is a term used to refer to the mother of a person's spouse. It is a person who has a relationship with another by virtue of being the parent of ...
The psychological effect of an over-bearing mother is to limit a child's creativity and ability to make choice. Many such children rebel against their mother's ...
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