How to Calculate Overturning Moment?


The overturning moment of an object is that moment of energy capable of upsetting the object enough to destabilize it so that it over turns, capsizes, topples or collapses. To calculate the overturning moment, Weigh the test item and the test fixture to which it is mounted and then find out the center of gravity of the test item, calculate the root mean square acceleration of the test item and finally multiply the grams of the test item by the height of the center of gravity. The result of the overturning moment is (G x CG x 1W = OM).
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1. Weigh the test item and the test fixture to which it is mounted. The weight can be recorded in either conventional or metric measure. 2. Determine the center of gravity of the
Force = mass * acceleration The units for force are Newtons (N)
The formula for the moment of inertia for a sphere is T =
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