How do you check the owner of a vehicle by the VIN number?


The easiest way to check the registered owner of a vehicle is by using a vehicle reporting service such as CarFax. Input the VIN on their website, pay a small fee, and they will show you all the vehicle reports sent to them or other agencies in their network. You may also be able to call the local police department if the matter is criminal.
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1. Locate the car's VIN number. Find the VIN number number on the dashboard near the windshield, and carefully copy it down. 2. Owner information cannot be obtained for solicitation
The vin number on a car is more than likely or always located below the front windshield in the bottom left corner. If you cannot see the vin number there you can also try to look
There might be other ways, but You can do a Car Fax(35 I believe) It shows all the previous owners as well as vehicle history, like if its ever been wrecked.
1. Locate the VIN. Find it on a small aluminum tag attached to the firewall, or on the title. 2. Interpret the first character. The number 1 indicates a Chevrolet motors vehicle.
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How to Check the Owner by the VIN Number
A vehicle identification number, or VIN, is a 17-digit serial number comprised of numbers and letters. Since 1981, major events, such as insurance claims and transfer of ownership are searchable using the VIN as a tracking number. While vehicle history... More »
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