What is an Oxford-Oregon debate?


An Oregon-Oxford debate is a debate format known for its traditional approach. Each side has three speakers who follow a specific order of speaking. Constructive speech is given 5-7 minutes, interpolation 5 min and rebuttal 3 min. Judges award scores 25% on evidence, 30% delivery, 30% interpolation and 15% rebuttal.
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i wanna know more about the Oregon oxford debate. please be kind enough to enlighten me.
Its a specific style of debating with 3 speakers on each side, and each speaker has a specific topic on what to speak about. Have a look at this site as it explains it in detail and
I don't think there was a clear winner, but just going on who related
Economist Debates adapt the Oxford style of debating to an online forum. The format was made famous by the 186-year-old Oxford Union and has been practised by heads of state, prominent
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