What Is the Street Price for Oxycodone?


Oxycodone is a prescribed drug that is used to treat severe pains though it is also sold in the streets which is illegal. This drug should be swallowed since the dosage takes 12 hours to run in the body. It should not be crashed, chewed or broken in any way.
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it really depends on where you live, how many the person is buying, if you're getting a deal (or hooking someone up) and how desperate someone is to buy them. I would say that on
Typically oxycodone retails on the street for about $10 per pill,
Although "pill mills" may be in decline, the abuse of prescription drugs is not. A typical "rule of thumb" for street drug prices in pills is a dollar a milligram
Not legal advice: The range of Oxycodone 10mg on the street seems to be between $10 to $15. Always buy from pharmacies and be sure to have your prescription.
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The street price of oxycodone is about one dollar to five dollars per milligram. Oxycodone is an analgesic medication used to treat pain but it is commonly abused by drug dealers, hence it being categorized as an illicit substance if not used for medical purposes.
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