Oxygen Cylinder Size H?


Oxygen cylinder size H is a large container that hold just over 7000 liters of oxygen. The tank is not portable, however, and weighs over a hundred pounds. It costs about 500 dollars, but is a good tank if one needs to supply an oxygen filling system. It is a good idea to get wall brackets with this tank so that it does not fall over and hurt someone. Securing it to the wall also prevents someone from stealing it.
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H size Cylinder holds 6900 liters @ 10 lpm =690 min or 11.5 hrs. @ 3 lpm = aprox 33 hrs. Know the lpm of your device & do the math. That really depends on how fast you use the
The sizes range from 2 feet to 6 feet depending on how much oxygen
A standard H or K cylinder is 9” in diameter, 51” high, and holds 6,340 liters (224 cubic. feet) of oxygen. One cylinder can provide oxygen for 8 people at 3.5 liters/
According to the Ohio Department of Health, a size H oxygen cylinder will hold 250 cubic feet of oxygen, which will deliver a continuous flow at 2 liters per minute for slightly over
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