Oxygen Cylinder Size H?


Oxygen cylinder size H is a large container that hold just over 7000 liters of oxygen. The tank is not portable, however, and weighs over a hundred pounds. It costs about 500 dollars, but is a good tank if one needs to supply an oxygen filling system. It is a good idea to get wall brackets with this tank so that it does not fall over and hurt someone. Securing it to the wall also prevents someone from stealing it.
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H size Cylinder holds 6900 liters @ 10 lpm =690 min or 11.5 hrs. @ 3 lpm = aprox 33 hrs. Know the lpm of your device & do the math. That really depends on how fast you use the
The sizes range from 2 feet to 6 feet depending on how much oxygen
I'd say none. It is full of hydrogen. No wait. That would be H2. If your patients get high squeaky voices and tend to explode then you have used the wrong cylinder. If it is the large
According to the Ohio Department of Health, a size H oxygen cylinder will hold 250 cubic feet of oxygen, which will deliver a continuous flow at 2 liters per minute for slightly over
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