What Is Code P 0700?


What the code P0700 could mean is there is a problem the Transmission Control Module or TCM that communicates with the engine Control Module or the ECM. Signs of problems could be slipping of the transmission and illumination lamp malfunctioning. The cause of the problems could be a faulty TCM module or a transmission issue.
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P0700 is EATX code present. It simply means that the engine computer has noticed that the transmission computer has a dtc in it. This causes the Pcm (engine computer) to turn the
1. Disconnect the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and get a resistance reading from pin 60 to pins 16 and 17, should be 1-3 ohms. 2. If the resistance is high, check the wiring
P-0700 us a general code, it indicates there is a problem with
You need to find out what code is in the Transmission Control module (TCM) The code p0700 is found in the PCM and is for ETAX CONTROLLER FAULT PRESENT. That means that the TCM has
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It means that the trasnmission computer has a code in it. You need to read the codes in the trans computer to konw possibole causes. ...
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