What Is Code P1151 on a Ford Expedition?


There are different car engine diagnostic codes for different parts of the engine. For a Ford Expedition, a code P1151 is in relation to the exhaust oxygen sensor. There may be a problem with the fuel system or it may be as simple as the dipstick for the engine oil isn't seated properly.
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P1131 and P1151 are for the oxygen sensors. one in the exhaust at the firewall and one at the radiator off the manifold. When both go off though at the same time I would suspect a
ECM determines (based on coolant temp) that too
P1151 Ford. Lack of O2 switches-Bank 2 sensor 1. – ECM could not adjust fuel trim because of a lean or rich condition. Probable Cause[s] Fuel pressure high or low. MAF sensor
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